First Corporate Beach Clean Sponsor Video!


Now looking for my second Corporate Beach Clean Sponsor.  Would like to make a deal and in return for £2,000 Sponsorship I will promote Sponsor and also collect 10,000 plastic bottles from the Dorset Coastline.  Now where are you second Sponsor!?…

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1 Response to First Corporate Beach Clean Sponsor Video!

  1. Gillian says:

    Thanks so much Simon. Great news that you have done the first corporate sponsored beach clean.

    There was quite a piece about marine litter in the south west on the BBC South West News at 6 this evening. I kept expecting them to show your initiative. Do tell them about it as a follow-up. They could feature a south west beach every week/day.

    And so sorry not to have attended VOId. As you know it clashed with an important Tree Talk and I guess some of your possible audience went there instead.

    Thank you for all the information you send. VBW Gillian & NIck


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