Beach litter Sherpa reaches three percent.

I expected to find a lot of plastic bottles at Chapmans Pool on the Dorset coastline but I didn’t expect to find two hundred of them in a ten yard stretch, but I did.  It took me twenty minutes to collect them.

It took me over an hour to get to the coast, half an hour to walk to the ‘bottle hoist’, half an hour back to the car and over an hour to return.  It took another hour to drop the bottles off at my storage container.  A mornings work for two hundred bottles.

If I had had other people with me we could have collected five hundred quite easily.

Still looking for that ‘second’ sponsor to help fund these clean ups.  Keep picking.  Keep taking photographs.  Keep making silly videos.  Keep on with Social Media.  Keep talking to the Press.  Keep on ‘keeping on’, and it could, should, can happen!

315 bottles of the 10,000 goal.  3 percent done.


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