Winter Sale.

Seems daft, but I was may as well try.  Absurd sales have happened on e bay before.  Seeing as I haven’t managed to find a second sponsor for my Dorset Coastline 10,000 plastic bottle collection yet, I have decided to auction of the marine litter I have collected in my storage container.  Picture below:

The collection fits neatly into 4 large cardboard packing boxes, 5 including the buoys.

Any proceeds obtained from the auction will go towards the further collection of around 9,500 bottles still to be collected from the Dorset coastline.  Funds will go towards extra equipment, fuel for the car, and payment for helpers.  A percentage of the sale will also go to the lads and lasses at twominutebeachclean and plastics2fuel.

I ‘could’ get a sale.  Update will follow with any positive news!

Hope you have had a happy Christmas.  Happy New Year to you all, Simon.


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