A Plastic Ocean.

Sabbatical over!  Until last week and for the past four months I have done very little litter picking.  The huge swell of awareness of plastic pollution brought about by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has made me try and work out where I can best put my efforts to helping clean up the World.

I have been looking for direction…

I watched a film/documentary put on at Sherborne’s Digby Hall last week,  A Plastic Ocean.  Amazing film, four years in the making.  Journalist Craig Leeson travelled around the world having witnessed the devestation of plastic pollution whilst filming Blue Whales.

Far more hard hitting than Blue Planet, in my opinion.

The best way to see it is either online or at a public viewing.  Google for details.

What really got me back on the litter picking track was to see how much good one can do by picking up even the smallest amount of litter.  Heart breaking shots of birds not much bigger than our hand but with over two hundred pieces of plastic in their tiny stomachs.

I gotta make some more videos.  I gotta make the money to employ serious beach cleaners.

Below is this weeks work.  Unpaid yet again…but maybe this will change!

The venue is Eype beach and rocks, just West of Bripdort in the county of Dorset in the UK. It was quite an effort.  There must be at least  two, three, four hundred pounds of netting in the back of my car now.  Time to recycle it.

Here’s the epic film trailer:  A PLASTIC OCEAN.

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