Strike while the iron is hot!

I am not saying that anything will come from this latest little adventure, but what I do know is that if I hadn’t have done it, there would have been no possibility at all.  I do know that if I don’t get it written down tonight then it might not get written at all.  The adventure lasted less than an hour but it seemed to work and I want to log it in my memory, and on my blog.

…and as the blacksmith or farrier delays in shaping the iron in his forge when it is hot and pliable and the metal soon cools and hardens, the opportunity is lost, (Strike while the iron is hot!).

I’m still banging on about paying people (and being paid myself) to clean enormous amounts of plastic from our beaches, and in a small fit of frustration on Friday I put a request out on Twitter, Facebook and on my Blog.

Following my payment to a friend last month of £50 for an hour’s beach clean, this time I upped it a bit and offered £100 for an hour’s beach clean.  Timings didn’t quite work out and I was unable to employ the single applicant from Twitter and the other single applicant from Facebook, but I didn’t want to just give up.  So I wrote some words with a marker pen on an old piece of green kitchen worktop and took it down to Worbarrow Bay on the Dorset coastline.

I attached the sign to my camera tripod for all to see, and within ten minutes a family decided to apply.  Four teenagers, with their parents alongside said they would clean up small bits of plastic for fifteen minutes each.  In return I would pay each of them the sum of twenty five pounds sterling.  In fact I had to stop them from working after half an hour.  They were quite enjoying themselves!

I had a couple of very interesting conversations with people on the beach, picked some plastic myself, and returned to my car, seemingly, job done.

Who knows if anything will come of this little adventure.  What I do know is that I am going to do more of them.  And I also think they will get better, more adventurous, more interesting, more effective, and hopefully more fun.

It worked.  Cool.


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