UK Citizens missing with a connection to Paris, France.

For those following this blog you will see that over the years I have often spoken of the horrors that family and friends find themselves in when a loved one goes missing.

Over the last year and a bit I have focused my thoughts on the fifty or so UK citizens that seemingly remain missing in different parts of Europe.

I have taken most of the information from the Lucie Blackman Trust website, and although I have had contact with them at intervals in the past, the work I am doing here I am solely responsible for.  There has been no interaction with the Lucie Blackman Team at all since the latter part of last year.  What I am saying is, they are not responsible for my actions or thoughts.  Their website is for public viewing.  I am a member of the public.  I take responsibility for my own actions.

I return to the UK next week.  If I can be of any positive use I would like to think I may be able to find myself a niche within the Missing Persons phenomena, a very real and horribly frightening and painful area of Human life.

So to finish my short journey in Europe this time around I would like to show you the names and faces of five people who are deemed still missing from travelling into Europe.  These five people have connections with disappearing having had a connection to travelling through, or to, Paris, France.

I totally understand that everyone has the right to go missing.  I have no desire to disturb anyone who still wishes to remain missing.  However, alongside the right for each and every one of us to go missing I can only believe everyone also has the right to search, everyone has the right to somehow rid themselves of pain, everyone has the right to attempt to find out what has happened to their loved one or friend.

I print the photographs and information with the intention of only goodness happening from showing these people’s stories on another platform, apart from those platforms already showing them.

I do hope something good comes from these photographs, these stories, these lives.

Georgina Michelle Adams was last seen in Paris in March 2008 whilst visiting a friend.  Georgina works in the fashion industry. She was 39 at the age of her disappearance.  She is around 5’6” tall.

Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi was reported missing on October 15th 2013.  He was last seen at Gare du Nord railway station on September 25th 2013.  Sanjiv is described as an Asian male, about 6’2”, large build, has a beard and wears spectacles.

Samina Iqbal travelled to Paris via Eurostar.  She was reported missing April 30th 2014.  It may be that she travelled on to Jordan.  Samina is 5’2”.

Anthony O’Hare travelled to Alicante, Spain with a friend on 31st August 2016.  Anthony became separated from his friend.  It could be that he travelled on to Paris.  Anthony was 56 years old at the time.  He is 5’9” tall.  He usually wears glasses.

Denise Jordan was last seen in November 2017 at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam.  However, it is thought she may now be in Paris.  Denise is 5’9” and of a thin build.  She has black hair and brown eyes.

I post this blogpost hoping to help, and not to hinder.  Any information that might help resolve these true stories I am sure would be best placed towards the UK police, the Lucie Blackman Trust or the UK Embassy in Paris.  Also, I can be contacted through my website should anyone wish to do so.

If I have made any mistakes with the above details please tell me and I shall update immediately.  Thank you.


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