Update #1 on UK Citizens missing with a connection to Paris, France.

Having been in touch with the UK Missing Persons Unit I have been given permission to quote the paragraph below.  I asked if they could tell me if the five people mentioned on The Lucie Blackman Trust website who have seemingly gone missing with a travelling connection to or through Paris, France were still missing, according to their own records.


“According to the UK Missing Persons Unit it is highly likely that Samina Iqbal and Anthony 0’Hare are no longer missing as they do not appear on their Missing Persons listings.  The UK Missing Persons Unit is the UK’s national and international point of contact for all missing persons and unidentified body cases.  It is the only UK agency focused exclusively on Missing People and they serve all UK Police Forces as well as overseas Police Agencies”.

It seems that quite often organisations are not kept up to date when certain people are located.  I am hoping that Update #2 will be able to shed some light on making this part of the Missing Persons phenomena more efficient.


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