The disappearance of Mr. Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi, Paris, France 2013

Over the past couple of months I have made two day visits to the area where Sanjiv was supposed to have gone missing in Paris, France.  I made no enquiries there.  I spoke to no one about his disappearance.  I had a curry in ‘Little India’, an area frequented by the Asian community, and which is close to Gare de Nord railway station where Sanjiv was last seen on cctv, 25th September 2013.  On my second day visit I just sat having a few coffees at a pavement café on a busy main street.  I people watched.   Sanjiv has been missing for over 5 years now.

I took my time.  Over the months I contacted, and have had e mail conversations with The Lucie Blackman Trust, The UK’s Missing Persons Unit, The French Interior Minister’s Office in Paris, Warwickshire Police in the UK, and finally as suggested by the latter, I contacted Interpol by e mail.  I have yet to receive a reply from them.  Maybe I will.  Maybe I won’t, but I followed a fairly logical contact list, and so as not to just impose my own will on wanting to attempt to find out what happened to Sanjiv, I tossed a coin to see whether to act-or not.

I have just tossed another coin.  Disappearances are often very random and, until solved, do not follow logical or characteristic patterns.  This is perhaps why so many disappearances are so difficult to solve.  So although perhaps seemingly naïve and irresponsible, tossing a coin rather takes personal control out of the decision making process.  If the coin had said tails, do don’t do it, I wouldn’t have compiled this latest blog post.  It was heads.  I am compiling it.

Anybody has the right to disappear.  If someone has had an accident, it is my assumption that closure and understanding of what happened is needed by family and friends.  If someone has lost their life through a criminal act, the same, family and friends deserve and need to know what happened to their loved one.  If someone is scared, frightened, ill, or needing help perhaps our appeals for their whereabouts can reveal results, and allow for that person to somehow be found, in a sensitive, caring, and positive way.  If someone has disappeared-because that is exactly what they needed and what they wanted to do, again, perhaps our pleas for their whereabouts might reach them, and just maybe it could trigger the right circumstances for them to reveal their whereabouts.  We can only try.

In a world of over 7 billion people, sometimes things are overlooked.  I asked the French Interior Minister, then finally, a couple of weeks ago, Interpol, (because that’s who the UK police told me to send my enquiry to)-if they could possibly please re check their unidentified bodies records-just in case, and in the very sad circumstances and for whatever reason Sanjiv’s life was cut short, and the right circumstances have not yet been created to connect the relevant Authorities together to find the reason Sanjiv can still not be found.

And just in case you are out there somewhere Sanjiv, can we help create the right circumstances for you to either reveal yourself, or for you to make contact with someone so you can be left to live your life the way you want to and at the same time heavily reduce the pain your family are in.  I know you have the right to disappear.  I hope you are out there.  I hope you are well.  I hope you are ok.


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