50 year old UK citizen and a cabinet maker by trade.  Spiritual experience in 1987 sees ordinary happy go lucky chap turned into ‘apprentice Messiah’ with sole aim to heal the World.  25 years later sees happy go lucky chap with a determined ideal to do all he can to play his part in ‘helping’ heal the World. It’s no longer a one man mission-but a multi person combined effort.  Litter picking?  A means of expressing one’s ability to reveal the beautiful Planet we live on and in turn attempt to help heal life on that Planet.  Onwards…

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  1. Kathryn says:

    on a snow day last year, the local fields (privately owned) were full of shrieking sledging teenagers. Next day, myself and another dog walker found a roll of black binbags amongst the detritus, and filled fourteen with what we picked up. The other lady took dropped school coats round the local schools till they were reclaimed. This week, in those same fields, all I picked up was a bag of dog poo someone had carefully tied then left on the grass, and the landowner couldn’t believe it. It was so nice to get a thank you. All strength to you!

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