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Many thanks, Simon Owens.

14 Responses to Contact.

  1. David Plimmer says:

    Finally arrive here Si.. Love the website. Well done mate. dp over and out..

  2. Jenny Bevis says:

    Saw your article in BVM, used to live in Snowdonia and cleaned the beach near Harlech (paid) now in Wiltshire and pick up when I can, would be interested in any ‘organised’ litter picking days.


  3. Ken Huggins says:

    Also saw the article in the BVM ! Pleased to hear that I’m not alone in my litter picking activities, cos there’s quite a bit that needs picking up 🙂 I live in Hazelbury Bryan and once a week litter pick the road in from Kings Stag (Causeway Lane). Depressing to see all the new stuff every time I go out, but I suspect it’s just a few unenlightened individuals because it’s often the same stuff (baccy pouches, energy drink cans, crisp packets) in roughly the same places. Like Jenny I’d be happy to get involved in organised picking events. The local Parish Council tried to organise one but were defeated by the Elf & Safety brigade who said if volunteers got hurt it would be legally the council’s responsibility.

  4. Patrick Bogue says:

    I was pleased to see your letter in the BMV magazine , how great to find someone trying to do good about the issue of litter. I will be picking up the appalling build up of litter on the A350 by Red Barn before Steepleton Bends coming from Blandford. Litter seems to attract more litter on this stretch of road. Incidentally a walk from Stourpaine up to Hod Hill always bears much treasure on the litter front. Good luck with the film, an excellent and original project which deserves to succeed.

  5. Erica Rose says:

    Hello Simon. I really like your site and your work! I have been doing regular litter-picks every week this summer up here in North Yorkshire, and blogging about it. Also tweeting for about the last 6 weeks, which is how I found your site. I’ve just followed you – I am @TheCrapFairy. Great to see other people who are doing this kind of thing!
    My blog is at
    Good luck to you.

  6. Jeff says:

    I find myself confronted, and troubled, by some of the very same issues you blog of. There are many places around here with trash on the beach and it seems like many roads are simply getting worse as time goes on, despite my best efforts. I pick up refuse with some others as often as I can find the time though, and have found your website to be very encouraging. Thank you!


  7. Andrew Edgington says:

    Great work! Our motorway slip roads and main carriageways are disgusting and the Highways Agency needs to get its act together. Peter Silverman’s Clean Highways site tracks his great work in putting pressure on the responsible agencies. Take care if and when you clear that slip road again! Love the sign!

    • Many thanks for your comment Andrew. Peter does great work and I am sure all of his persistence over the years will come good one day-(soon I hope)! One of the problems with getting the Highways Agency to work efficiently is that there is so much damn stuff to clean up. If people stopped chucking it, the Highways Agency’s job would be so much more manageable and so much less soul destroying for them. Here’s to a clean Planet soon.

  8. Julia says:

    Hi Simon, I’m not sure you’ve seen our posts; we are group styled ‘ Rubbish Friends’ in Cambridge/Suffolk/Essex; all so utterly sick of trash everywhere we formed a group which collects litter every Friday morning. We have a good relationship with local Councils and lobby the Highways Agency and local Councillors, with dome success. Our idea is to have groups everywhere, no only actually physical clearing up but to form a critical mass to force the agencies responsible to act. It’s always hugely comforting yo see other people doing stuff about this national disgrace and embarrassment!

  9. Yes, I’ve heard of you. Saw you on BBC last year and follow some of your work on Twitter. I will e mail you. Thanks for contact.

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