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Hallelujah, (complete with a few layout errors as my computer skills do not allow me to rectify them!) my second short e book is up for sale on Amazon kindle.

“The Briefcase” tells of Jenson’s trip to Turkey in 2016 when he followed his gut feeling that some sort of system could be set up to a) clear the world’s beaches of plastic and b) help give work to the many unemployed and disenfranchised people we have in our world.

If you fancy a read please follow this link.  Thank you.

On another note, Simon is still making rustic furniture for the campsite on the Costa Brava, and is still planning his Missing Persons project for July and August this year.  Cheers for now.

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Rustic Furniture and Missing Persons.

Rustic Furniture:

I found a place to download my photographs.  I made a similar table back in Crete about ten years ago.  The top of the table is made from old pallet wood, the rails from transport timber, 2 and a half inch by 2 and a half inch and the legs are from a single piece of driftwood cut into four.

Missing Persons:

The three gentlemen I am looking to see if I can help locate are listed on the Lucie Blackman Trust Website,  The three people were out walking in known areas at the time of their disappearances.  Extensive searches have been done. Maybe we can do more.

These people are Roger Bainbridge, 67 years old when realised missing on September 24th 2013.  Roger was last known to be walking on the very small Greek island of Antipaxos.

David Manning, aged 84 years old at time of disappearance.  David was known to be walking in the hills on the Greek island of Ithaca. David has been missing since September 12th 2016.

David Wood, 61 years old at time of disappearance.  David was out walking a familiar trail to him in the Tinee Valley in the South of France.

It is horrific for the family and friends of those who go missing.  On one level it is as if the World is playing tricks on you.  Personally, I believe we have created a World that allows this horrendous feeling of being tricked to occur.  I wish to work with the notion that the World does not want to play tricks on us.

Beat the myth, and just perhaps some of the mysteries of disappearances will be revealed.


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Just write a bit.

Apologies for not updating for a while, not that anyone was waiting I’m sure!

Just to say I got the work on the campsite, and have completed one coffee table to go on the decking outside one of their new glamping pods, another one to make soon.

I have started the next piece of furniture which is a combined sofa/table, also to go on the decking, and yes, another one of those to make soon too.

No photographs at the moment as internet connections are not allowing.  I´ll finish the sofa and then make sure I get some photographs uploaded.

As far as the Missing People work goes, I am concentrating my thoughts and efforts on three people mentioned on the Lucie Blackman site.  They are all gentleman.  They were all out walking when they went missing, and they all went missing in a relatively small and known area.

I have contacted various people, and am coming up with a plan of sorts.  I think it would be good, families and friends allowing, to organise further longer term, unpanicked, meticulous searches of the areas again.

I have often thought of doing this, for walkers especially.  Many walkers are finally found, those that sadly have had accidents, by random people out walking themselves.  It often seems that when there is no intensive hugely stressed  searching, the innocence of passers by, no threat to any search, come up with the answers.

Am I the right, or one of the right people to do this sort of work? Unless I investigate that thought I’ll never know.

I was sat in a coffee house on the way to work today and I thought ‘well at least I am the right person, or one of the right people to spend time considering whether I am the right person’.  I cannot really get that bit wrong can I.

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Missing funds.

I had a feeling before booking into my latest campsite last Sunday that there would be work for me there. We had a meeting this morning. They want some smart, different, quirky pallet furniture to go with their two new smart ‘Glamping Pods’. Not a lot of time to do the work, but get some good designs together and my premonition of work ‘might’ come off. I get the idea though it is up to me to impress, and up to me to ‘know’ I can get the work done in the short time available.

I am camping up in the hills whilst I look for work. It’s really very pleasant.

The big stick in front of my tent is to ward of any unfriendly wild boars. I met one the other night, not close up thankfully. The bugger was the size of a small bull, (okay, a very small bull, but it was big all the same).

Some very pretty local beaches too. This one had absolutely zero litter on it. Bliss!

The local library, although small and only open four hours a day is a bit of an oasis. Free wifi, free phone charge up, free loo, and it’s quiet, even with Status Quo blasting through my headphones.

My project in the library has been to go through a list of UK Personal missing overseas. In the early 90’s I was going to Thailand. I was given a photograph of a young person who had been missing out there for nine months. I was asked if I could look out for that person. Of course I would.

I flew to Thailand, booked into a hostel, walked out on the street to get some food…and walked straight into the person. I hadn’t been in Bangkok for more than two or three hours. We talked. I phoned the person’s Mum, with the person’s permission.

I put the event down as a miracle meeting and it wasn’t until quite a few years later, after further travels, further meetings, further ‘coincidences’ that I thought, hey, maybe I have a bit of a knack for this.

Over the proceeding years I have helped sometimes, hindered other times, and in the past few years I have realised that if I am to be of any help with Missing Persons I have to listen very carefully to my intuition and to attempt to know when it is my position to act, and just as importantly, or maybe more importantly, ‘not’ to act.

The Lucie Blackman Trust has 64 people on its Missing Person list. I have written them all down, put them into categories, and am feeling my way through the list. I found out that one of the people on the list was actually no longer missing. I contacted the LBT and they took that person off the list after confirming it was true.

I am looking to see where I ‘might’ be of use in any other Missing Persons profiles.

Of the 64 people on the list, 54 are male, 10 female. There are also two additional children missing along with their mother, the mother being one of the 10 females listed.

The oldest person missing is about 84, the ‘about’ is because ages are listed as when they went missing. The youngest, apart from the two children is another child who went missing alone. I am not 100% sure of the child’s age.

The person missing the longest is from June 16th 1994. The most recent person listed as missing is from March 27th this year, 2017.

As for which countries these people went missing from:

Spain, (including Spanish Islands): 13 people.

France: 5 people.

Greece, UK to France ferry, 3 each and 3 people are missing from overdue sailboat trips, (Spain/Azores/Mauritius).

I person missing from a kayak trip, (Tunisia). I person missing from a Cruise Ship, (US/Mexico).

Germany, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Nepal, Switzerland. Eurostar trip, 2 each.

1 person missing from each of the following countries, Panama, Costa Rica, Holland, Canada, Grand Cayman, India, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Uruguay, Malta, Portugal, Dubai, Cyprus, US, South Africa, Hungary, Austria, 1 person could be in either UK, Nigeria or US, 1 between Mali and Nairobi, another, thought to be anywhere in Europe.

And in what circumstances did these people go missing:

2 on Eurostar trips, 3 were staying with friends, 5 were on walking trips, 4 were trekking, 3 were on UK ferries to France, 8 were on holiday, 10 went missing from their homes, 3 disappeared whilst sailing with their sailboats, 1 disappeared whilst on a kayak, one from a cruise liner, 8 were travelling, 10 were living abroad, 6 were abroad away working.

At present I get the impression I ‘might’ be able to help in a few cases…and I am looking for funds to further my work in the Missing Persons area. Yes I can make furniture and help fund it that way. I’m trying! But if there are organisations out there, individuals, business‘, newspapers, documentary makers that feel they might like to put some money into this venture-in return for what? Publicity? Satisfaction? Interest? Helping others? Please do get in touch.

I get the vision of perhaps getting a hire car and touring Europe for a couple of months. I will not dash here, dash there, try and help here, try and help there. I will do this methodically, listening to my intuition, feeling my way, attempting to work out who can be found now, and how, and with as little drama and outburst as possible.

Many missing people are found when people are not looking for them. It almost seems like when the pressure is off, the person is found. Easily said.

Any interest at all, please message me. Thank you.

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Time 4 Syria.

Noon Damascus time for an hour, that’s 10 am-11 am UK time, tomorrow, Christmas day. Anyone wishing to join me for any part of the hour sending positivity to the people and situation in Syria gratefully appreciated.

I’m going to take the dogs for a walk and send positive vibes to the group of people who are marching towards Aleppo from Berlin. They leave Berlin 10 am (their) local time, Monday 26th December. This is a group of people who have had enough of seeing the horrors on our screens and have decided to do something to show they want the situation to change for the good in Syria.

They needed to do something.  They decided to walk.  They chose Aleppo as their destination.

Either hundreds or thousands will start the march, some doing a few days, some more, some intent on the whole journey.

A wild idea?  A crazy idea?  An irresponsible idea?  A hopeless idea?…A good idea?  Who knows?

Sometimes you just have to act, take with you the best of your intentions, and follow your gut feelings.  This is what they have done and are doing.

A plan rushed together in just a month, things could definitely go wrong. But looking at their website, facebook and twitter feeds you can see they are not stupid.  They have put a great deal of thought into what they are doing.

All the best.  May you attract only goodness on your walk.


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Oh dear!

Apologies again, getting confused.  I made a few mistakes on original “Angels for Aleppo” post.  I hope I have corrected them all now. If you feel like rereading it, please do so by going to my website again. Sorry, and thank you!

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Angels for Aleppo.

I was wondering how to spread my “Hands Up for Syria” campaign. I was considering a trip to speakers corner in London with a placard this Sunday, but speakers corner, along with a throng of interested and peaceful tourists usually has its small and regular number of angry people simply looking for an argument. I didn’t really want to go, again!

I felt I had to do something though so when a friend posted an announcement for a ‘March for Aleppo’ on facebook which was happening in five hours time I got dressed, had breakfast, and caught a bus, train and tube and arrived half an hour before it started.

On the train up I was reading Rob Lilwall’s “Cycling home from Siberia”. Chapter 28, page 139 starts with a quote by Martin Luther King Jr:

“If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight”.

So when we witness so many horrors in the world today, how are we to act? Are we to act? Is it our responsibility to act, or are other people’s problems their problems, not ours, not ours to interfere with?

Put simply, (if I am correct) there are two sides to the Syria conflict, The Syrian Government with its Allies against a cacophony of Opposition Elements. In fact there are three sides, the Civilians caught in between.

How can we help the Civilians caught in between? Is Martin Luther King Jr right? Is it shameful not to act? On the other hand, if we feel helpless, and have no answers, maybe it is more productive to actually do nothing rather than contribute to making more of a mess than it is at the moment.

The “Hand Up For Syria” campaign is so simple, hardly an act at all, but it is an action, and could help in the overall groundswell of wishes to see peace in Syria. How many of us feel helpless? How many of us sit in our armchairs watching the horrors unfold daily on our television sets?

Whilst watching, if the television presenter asked a question to you as part of the audience, “Would you put your hand up if you would like to see lasting peace in Syria right now?”….would you do it? Do you think it would make any difference to the state of peace in Syria, do you think it would make you feel any different for having made that small act?

There were over a thousand people on the “March for Aleppo”. The majority of placards held high were demonising President Assad, and Russia, and Iran. There were also placards saying “No More Bombs”, “Aid drops not Bombs”, “Stop the Child Killing”, “Peace Now”, and my little sign, “Hands Up if you would like to see lasting Peace in Syria right now”. A few people put their hands up, people smiled at me, people took photos. I had acted. I had tried to spread something I thought might have an effect.

As we walked down Oxford street, then Regent street, past thousands of people all squeezed onto the wide pavements each side, I was chilled to hear the slogan shouted out over and over again:


It was true. But I didn’t see it as a judgement from the marchers, an accusation, a, you’re alright but we’re not. It was, and is, a simple fact, (according to countless news reports, because like many of us, we are not there).

On Christmas day I thought it could be good to spend an hour dedicated to Syria. It’s on my previous blog post. If anyone wishes to join in it’s at Noon Damascus time, that’s 10 am UK time. I’m going to go for a walk for the hour.

About three weeks ago, a group of people from Berlin decided they could not longer sit in front of their laptops watching the horrors in Syria. They came up with a quick idea, and on 26th December an unknown number of them, hundreds maybe, thousands possibly, will set out on a march to Aleppo. Three thousand kilometres, three, four or five months of walking.

They couldn’t stand it any longer. They decided to act. They leave in 8 days time. This is a huge undertaking, a huge act and a number of things could go wrong. But in my opinion they have acted in good faith. They wish for the horrors to stop in Syria, and Worldwide. You can follow their goals, organizing and progress via

On my one hour walk, the day before they set off I am going to send them my wishes for as much goodness as possible to follow these people, a kind of blessing for their pilgrimage. They’ll need it, because with such a huge act for peace, negativity will almost undoubtedly try and creep in to try and ruin it.

If you feel totally helpless, totally powerless to effect positive change in our World, would you consider right now putting your hand up if you wish to live in a much much better world right now? It’s a really really small act, but it’s an act. And you might help it happen.


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