“VOID” Public Meeting yesterday.

It was a very good meeting, five of us all together. Thank you for coming.

I showed a few photographs, shared some stories, some knowledge on the beach plastic situation and midway through the evening we watched a twenty five minute video by Boyan Slat who updated us on his magnificent OCEAN CLEAN UP project. (The link to it is below).

We spoke about the notion of paying people to clean our coastline of plastic. We spoke of how to fund it.

I showed a few very short videos that I have made, funny ones. At least I think they are funny! I am pretty much convinced that I can raise money from corporate sponsors who in return for funding beach cleans will get their business’ promoted by me.

I called a mate this morning. He has agreed to fund a day’s beach clean. I am going to promote his business. He sprays wood. He sprays it well. He works near Pangbourne in Berkshire. I’ve known him for over thirty five years. I will be doing the beach clean tomorrow morning, (Friday 17th November). Here is his website, my first corporate beach clean sponsor. Thanks Neil.


The Ocean Clean Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du5d5PUrH0I&t=470s

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wwww. is the new www. (What? Why? Where? When?).

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Fliers going out.

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Keeping the ball rolling…

Local radio, Breeze Radio interviewed me yesterday. Hopefully they will put something out towards the end of the month and then do some promotions nearer to the Public Meeting on the 15th November.

I was asked how I thought the beach cleaning organisation would work. I had to give the simplest of answers! People will arrive at designated beaches, clear the plastic, take it to specified recyclers or to specific storage depots, clean up, go home, start again next day. End of week get paid!

But I realise things will inevitably be more complicated than that.

I am getting some help with regards to the best way to go as far as Social Enterprise, Not For Profit, Charitable status goes.

I am also wondering how to start. I feel I need some sort of a plan to offer at the meeting.

http://www.chuffed.org, the social enterprise crowdfunding site have a good template to work through. It helps you come up with a near on fool proof plan.

What if I centred my initial plan on a two week clean up of Chesil Beach? Plenty of space to work in. More than likely plenty of plastic and fishing gear to pick up. It is also very well known and might spark off further interest in a long term plan for VOID, (major beach cleaning/coastline project).

I need to consider money, workforce, transport, equipment, health and safety, legal structure, relevant places to take waste plastic, publicity…

What do you think of that, a two week ‘paid’ clean up of Chesil Beach, perhaps with a working party of five people?

I think I will work towards this idea.

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Public Meeting.

For anyone interested I have hired the ‘small room’ in the Quaker Meeting House, Abbey Walk, Shaftesbury, Dorset for a public meeting from 7.30 pm-9 pm on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

The public meeting will centre around the feasibility of setting up an organisation that will very efficiently clear high volumes of plastic debris from our coastline.

The ‘small room’ can take about twenty people, so if you are interested in coming along please express your interest beforehand so that I can arrange enough chairs!

I am looking at the different ways of funding this work, and I hope I will be able to get expert help from areas such as logistics, marine health, recycling, health and safety, transport, equipment, legalities, employment possibilities etc.

If you would like to attend, please do get in touch.

Many thanks, Simon.




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Carry on…or give it a break for a year?

Damn, having just gone down to Kimmeridge Bay to shoot some unprofessional but well meaning videos I get back to Costa Coffee in Blandford to download and make the semi-useless but well meaning video…to find that You Tube have stopped their easy to use, free, and basic video editing package!

I still have the videos.  I still have the few photographs I took.  Oh well!

My laptop is so old that it won’t support up to date video editing packages, so I either need to bring myself up to date, or find someone willing to do the work for me.

I dropped into Shaftesbury Town Hall the other day.  It is possible to hire the main hall for the evening.  It has seating for around 100 people, (hopeful Simon, hopeful!).  For ‘notforprofit’ organisations it’s £57 for the 4 hour session.  I think it ‘could’ be good to hire it and promote the session, hopefully getting people interested in’ clearing up plastic debris from our coastlines’ to come along and brainstorm.

Here are the few photographs I took.  They are on the theme of ‘various objects instantly disappearing’.

Was that a wasted morning?  Shall I give this up for a year?  Should I hire the hall?  How can we clear all this plastic up?  It could be easy.  It could be fun.  It could be rewarding.  It could give a lot of people, quite a lot of ongoing work.

I won’t give up today, (for a year), but I might give up tomorrow, (for a year).








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VOID-various objects instantly disappearing.

There is a crowdfunding site that specializes in helping you raise funds for social enterprises. http://www.chuffed.org

They liked my beach cleaning idea, and said yes, you can raise money to pay people’s wages. Excellent. At last. Just maybe this is another way to help clean up our coastline of plastic and trash.

It will take a while to work out a suitable and efficient pitch and in the meantime I am thinking of organising a public meeting to thrash out ideas.

Any relevant feedback very welcome.

I have got my thinking cap on.

Maybe I can make this happen at last!

I thought I would name the project VOID, as above.

Have a good day.

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Rustic Furniture update-(job finished).


Just an update to show some of the furniture I made for Glamping Site in L’Estartit, Costa Brava, Spain.

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Travel writing…How do you earn the big bucks?

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The disappearance of Mr. Tom Stewart.

How can we help? Can we help?

(Posted with the permission of Phyllis Stewart, Tom’s wife).

The Missing Person phenomena, so horrific for those involved, often having no clues whatsoever as to where the Missing may be. Often numerous scenarios as to what could have happened, often no ideas as to whether the Missing is still alive, or sadly passed away.

Surely The Missing Person Phenomena is one of the cruellest of human conditions, with family and friends in a state of utter turmoil, frantic to keep the search alive, with feelings of guilt when they stop searching, or when they simply pause for rest.

How can we help find the Missing? How can we help family and friends search? How can we help alleviate the horrors felt by family and friends whilst the Missing are missing? Or even, should we help, are we the right people to help? How can the Missing Persons Phenomena become a human condition of the past?

Take the true story of Mr Tom Stewart, missing in Malta since 20th May 2016.

The short story: Unbeknown to his wife, Phyllis, Tom had become increasingly anxious over some building work that had gone awry on their new build apartment. Tom and Phyllis had relocated to Malta after honeymooning there a number of years before. On top of Tom’s hidden building works anxiety, Phyllis then broke her shoulder. Tom had sought help from his doctor, but didn’t take the medication subscribed. It looks like things got on top of him and in his confused state Tom sought help from another doctor.

This resulted in the confusing, stressful, and seemingly inappropriate admission to the infamous psychiatric hospital of Mount Carmel. Both Tom and Phyllis thought they were being taken to the general hospital for help.

Tom was admitted as a voluntary admission. Yet two days after his admission, terrified of the situation he found himself in, and being told by someone in the hospital that he couldn’t leave, Tom took things into his own hands. Tom climbed an orange tree whilst in the garden with Phyllis, scaled the eight foot wall, and presumably, ran off immediately.

Sadly, having been admitted as a voluntary patient, doctors soon told Phyllis that he had always been free to go, free to walk out the front door. Tom was under a different impression though.

Tom is six foot five inches tall. He was wearing the clothes he stood in. He may have had up to seventy euros on him. He may well have been wearing an ICE wristwatch. Tom has type two diabetes and left Mount Carmel with no medication.

In the thirteen months since Tom left the hospital there have been several sightings which Phyllis deems either very possible, or definite. Ten days after Tom went missing, previous neighbours of theirs said they stopped to talk to Tom at a bus stop. They tried to keep him talking whilst they found help, but before help came, Tom was off.

There was a potential sighting in a local supermarket, a supermarket that Tom and Phyllis used to use regularly. Police looked at cctv and discounted the sighting. Phyllis has never seen the cctv footage.

And there was a potential sighting four or five weeks after Tom disappeared on June 27th outside the closed down Hotel Karrane where a lady reported a man sleeping rough outside its front doors. The lady reported this because the man, she said, was very tall. The Hotel Karrane is perhaps seven or eight miles North of Mount Carmel hospital, an easy bus ride, a possible walk. Tom was a keen walker and knew areas of Malta well.

Phyllis and her family have worked tirelessly searching for Tom, close relatives visiting on many occasions. Streets have been scoured, both day and night. Beaches have been searched, caves, abandoned buildings, farmland scoured, but no signs of Tom. Phyllis has a large network of friends in Malta, and they have been an amazing support for her, often taking Phyllis on searches when sightings reported. Phyllis doesn’t own a car.

Phyllis has been on television and has been interviewed for local newspapers many times. Google Tom Stewart Missing Malta and you can read numerous media reports of their true story.

Phyllis has put up a reward of one thousand euros, available to anyone who is able to reveal the whereabouts of Tom.

I met up with Phyllis on Thursday 15th June. I stayed until Saturday June 24th. She kindly put me up for my week’s search. She gave me breakfast and dinner too. She bought me a one week bus ticket that gave me unlimited travel, anywhere on the island. Malta is seventeen miles long and nine miles wide and has one of the highest population densities in the world, supporting around four hundred and fifty thousand people.

I took the search gently, my mantra being, ‘Am I the right person to help find Tom?’

I searched with my focus being that if Tom was still alive, where might he be, where could life support him. Was he living in an abandoned building? Was he able to find adequate medication for his type two diabetes? Was he able to find adequate food and water? And how, if still alive and on the island, was he able to avoid detection?

I gently and without rushing searched beaches and caves one day, farmland and outbuildings another. I hollered his name across valleys, hoping to reach the many abandoned farm buildings that lay on private land. I took a day trip to the small island of Gozo, a twenty minute ferry ride away, and did the same there. Every night Phyllis and I chatted, and over the week or so I was with her Phyllis gave me good insight into Tom’s story, and Tom’s character. As Phyllis said, “Tom is a shy man. He would not like the spotlight on himself”.

I didn’t speak to many people in my searching, but those that I did speak to, sometimes had useful things to say. Some people said they recognised the face, but I fear the timescales were wrong. They recognised seeing the face before the year that Tom had been away. But Phyllis did say that he used to visit the town of Buggiba quite often, on his walks, and this is where the people say they recognised him from.

My searching seemed to make some sense to me, and on my final day I went to the Qawra region of Malta, close to the hotel sighting where the lady said she had seen a tall man sleeping rough out front.

Not knowing the name of the hotel yet I asked a café owner for directions to an abandoned hotel. I was given directions to The Palm Court Hotel, a run down horrible dive of a place, (not the sighting hotel). There were obvious signs that people had used it as temporary accommodation. Windows were smashed, doors wrenched open, mattress’ on the floors, shoes, clothes, beer cans scattered about.

If anyone was seeking shelter, this was a definite choice. It wasn’t the Karrane Hotel though, that was twenty minutes walk away. The Karrane Hotel was closed down, yes, but it didn’t look an easy place to force entry. There was no such evidence.

Phyllis gave yet another interview to the Times of Malta. It was an excellent article where Phyllis was able to appeal directly to Tom, saying please come home, you’ll be safe, no need for Mount Carmel hospital anymore, and your brothers and sisters are desperate to find you. If Tom was alive and on the island and was able to read it this article gave Tom a good opportunity to reveal himself.

We asked the police to please thoroughly search The Palm Court Hotel. They searched it. How thoroughly though I don’t know. I wish I had done it myself. Maybe I will. Maybe I will go back to Malta, just to search that hotel.

Tom Stewart has been missing from his home in Malta for over thirteen months now.

How can we help Phyllis and her Family and Friends get off this conveyor belt of horror? How can we find Tom? Do we have the right to look for Tom? Does Tom want to be found? And Phyllis is under no illusion that Tom may have passed away some time ago.

Surely, as Human Beings, there must be some way of eradicating this cruel phenomena known as “Missing Persons”?

Can we help Phyllis, and all those other people, desperately searching for knowledge of what has happened to their loved ones and friends?

Surely there must be a way.


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