The Solution.


Globally-produce less waste.  Globally-create a better waste management system. Individually and Globally put our waste back into that far better created waste management system…and please, those that throw their trash on the ground, would you do us all a favour and put your litter in a provided bin.  I know we live a World of free will, but, if you could help, that would be great.  Thanks.

We can turn our Global trash problem around in an amazingly short time if we really want too…and there are many that really want too at the moment.  The Litter Pickers of our World are doing a great job. Just hit the Google search with the words ‘litter’ or ‘trash’….or ‘rubbish’…or ‘recycling’…and see their sterling work, efforts, vision, achievements to date and goals for the future.

Together we ‘can’ do it!



4 Responses to The Solution.

  1. Billysugger says:

    Great initiative, I fully support you in this. Neigh-sayers take a look at the Adopt-a-Highway scheme in the US where local volunteers clear highway verges of litter, including freeways (their motorways) without adenoidal bureaucrats saying they can’t.

  2. Mr Glenn Pugh says:

    So great to see your superb work I to have done beach cleans and agree with all your efforts so easy for the establishments to come up with pathetic excuses!! Well done again!!

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