-20 jobs found ‘on the road’.

1) Dish washing in Ibiza, (French restaurant), Cyprus, (The Red Lion Pub), Gran Canaria, (Pie and Chips restaurant), Chamonix, (Pizza restaurant).

2) Waiter, Bangkok, (The Roof Restaurant) and English café in Gran Canaria.

3) Film extra (x3) Bangkok including as prisoner of war in Thai/Hong Kong film called ‘Bullet in his head’. Found the video of it 10 years later. It was horrible-threw it in the bin.

4) Model. Bangkok. Lead part in sun cream commercial. $450.  One days work.

5) English teaching. Twice in Bangkok, once in Hong Kong.

6) Proof reader, Hong Kong.

7) Night club bouncer. One night, Hong Kong. Not a natural!

8) Boat building in Southern Turkey. Started off on $5 a day and after 3 days I made better deal and upped it to £8 an hour! Worked for three months in all.

9) Worked for 2 months for the fire brigade in El Hierro, the furthest West Canary Island. Quit day before major forest fire, but returned as volunteer to help put it out. Frightening.

10) Olive picking, Crete, Greece. Had to stop because cracked a rib whilst working.

11) Boat building, Ibiza. Helped convert minesweeper into luxury cruiser.

12) Cleaner, beach side resort, Koh Samet island, Thailand.

13) Litter picker, Gibraltar. We all got fired, 14 of us, because some were not working hard enough.

14) Orange picking. One day, Sparta, Greece.

15) Built three kitchens on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

16) Sign writing for village shop on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean.

17) Boat building and furniture restoration in Martinique. Arrived penniless after hitching lift across Atlantic Ocean in 32 foot boat. 5 days after arrival had earned £450. Stayed for 6 months.

18) Boat building in Malta, (BVI, Cyprus, France, Mallorca, Turkey, Gran Canaria, Spain, Gibraltar, Martinique).

19) Hotel restoration work in Mallorca, Chateau restoration work near Lille, France, Farmhouse/Chalet/House restoration work in France and Crete.

19) Market trader.  Collected ‘good’ discarded rubbish left by side of the road in Mallorca and sold at markets-good earner. Sold windsurf gear/crockery/clothes/furniture/books/cd’s/shower unit/bicycles etc. etc.

20) Beach cleaner, Crete, Greece.  2 days work, 100 euros and a lot of plastic removed.

There are more. What crazy, (and life saving!) work have you found whilst on the road?


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