Breaking into the #plasticpollution filming industry…15.06.2018

Studland Bay, Dorset, UK.  10.06.2018

Ten Green Bottles.  12.06.2018

First Corporate Beach Clean Sponsor.  20.11.2017


“VOID” promotional video:  02.11.2017


“You too can be a travel writer like me…”:  02.07.17


“Litter Karma”, (what string/what hammer?):  12.03.16

“Are You On The Verge?”:  11.03.2016

“Getting dressed with sciatica”:  30.03.2015

“Magic Magnetic Marine-Litter Man”: 23.01.2015

“a very very short film on litter and life”:  23.06.2014

“The Log Cabin” Story:

15 years around the Mediterranean, some of my work:

Latest litter video, 2014:  “Extreme Litter Picking”.

Number 1 rated Video so far!:  “3 month Litter Pick trailer”.

Video number one:  4.01.2013  “Please leave litter in your car.  Thank you”.

Video number two:  6.01.2013  “Promote your business-for pennies!”

Video number three:  9.01.2013  “Test run for the Roadside Litter Webcam”.

Video number four:  12.03.2013  “Free the hedges, free the bushes, free the trees“.  (Litter Pick Safely).

Video number 5:  31.01.2012  “Magic Magnetic Litter Man“.

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